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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> dana: good morning. welcome in. it is thursday, august 18. looks like there may be a bit of haze in the air although it's tough to tell in the dark of night. >> kim: we'll know exactly what it looks like when the sun is up. we had smoky skies yesterday morning. then it cleared out and than creeped back in. we're going to talk to kelly about anytime a moment. what about the swimmers yanked off >> dana: did they lie when they said they were robbed at gunpoint? >> kim: let's talk to kelly who has the forecast. we know ryan is going to be here in about a week. but the here and now and today's weather. >> kimberly: i don't think it's going to be as dramatic as it was yesterday morning.
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boulder city that dropped a lot of rain anyway short amount of time. slight chance for showers. isolated thunderstorms later in the afternoon. today's high 104 so temperatures are getting closer to normal. we'll talk about that and rain chances coming up. >> kim: back to the fire that you are seeing burning behind me in san bernardino. it is there is source of the smoke we saw in the skies here yesterday. check in with cnn. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire, i've never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> extreme and uncontrolled. a roaring fire is burning everything in its path, weather and dry brush only help the fire spread. >> it's challenging when with we up against a fire burning so
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watch as the fire grows. >> with the rate of spread that we've seen, if we ask you to leave, you have to leave. >> the fire started around 10:30 tuesday morning engulfing mountains in plumes of smoke. the explosive and fast moving flames make fighting this kind of fire dangerous. >> this is a challenging year. the fires are burning unprecedented fashion. it's to the point where normal this year and that's a challenge for all of us to take on. >> kim: one of the more heartbreaking aspects of this story is the toll it's taking on those who live in the area. some 82,000 people forced to evacuate their homes. not knowing if they are ever going to have a home to go back. to and one mom who had to believe knew what was most
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of years ago. so i grabbed hisflag. >> we thank her for her sacrifice. we are all over this developing story. whenever we're not talking about it on live television you can kee platforms and on we sent one of our reporters down to the fire line. we'll check in with her in our 6:00 hour. >> dana: time to take you live to florida. dr. ben carson joining us by satellite this morning. dr. carson, thanks for joining us. donald trump shaking up his campaign a little bit bringing
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trouble for his campaign? >> it's a sign of expansion. it's becoming more complex and larger. and recognize when you compare the trump campaign against the clinton campaign, it's a fraction of the size. as it is growing you are needing people to be able to focus on strategic areas and that is what is happening. it's being completely to misinterpret it. it's because the issues are so incredibly important we're facing as a nation. they are not democratic or republican issues. when we're looking at the fiscal structure of this nation and financial foundation which is about to collapse, unless we get people in there who understand economics we're not going to make it. one philosophy is let's take the pie and divide it up and
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let's make lots of pies so there is plenty to go around. that's what made america great in the first place. we went from nowhere to the pinnacle in less than 100 years because we created the right kind of atmosphere. because the american people are creative and innovative but you can't control every aspect of their lives and expect that to continue. >> dana: trump is beh i virginia these are considered must win states for donald trump. is there a path to victory for him here? >> absolutely. recognize his or theically that people begin to pay atension six weeks before the election. we've got a little ways to go before we get there. i don't think this polling really means that much at this stage of the game. when people actually begin to pay attention to the differences
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between the two platforms, i think you're going to see major shifting occurring at that point. >> dana: thank you very much for joining us. we hope we can check back in several times before we get to the general election which is coming up about 80 days from now. >> kim: back to the ryan lochte scandal and the fellow u.s. swimmers out of rye owe. different sort of olympic story we're leading offit while most of you were sleeping a couple of swimmers were yanked off of their flight getting ready to come back to the united states. here is the video. two of the swimmers removed from that flight and were questioned. you see the video showing them there at the airport after they were removed from their flight. officials then announcing that they are not going to be allowed to leave brazil until they continue to answer more questions about this robbery.
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evidence account that the swimmers were unable to provide key details in police interviews. let's focus on ryan lochte. he's already back in the united states at this point. and his attorney is saying he was not told to stay in brazil and he's still the victim. this is video loaded from the daily mail. it seems like they are joking around a little what they went through and they were so happy to be alive they were having a moment of wow, they were exhaling a little bit. a judge saying the other day when the men appeared joking and unshaken does provide questions that a lot of brazilian authorities would like to have have additional answers to. >> dana: team u.s.a. getting its
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and field. team u.s.a. becoming the first nation in olympic history to win all three medals in the women's 100-meter hurdles. isn't that a great picture. and they are all in the air at the same time. >> kim: looks like it was planned b spontaneous. >> dana: they are going to be live on "the today show" this morning talking about this huge victory. we take to you beach volleyball, jennings and ross teaming up competing for the bronze medal. the might before they had the disappointment losing to the brazil team.
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three gold medals in beach volleyball. team u.s.a. with 93 medals, 30 gold, china second with 54 medals. news 3 digital taking you on the road to rio. they have been posting great things. i was on chloe's twitter feed. i couldn't believe all the things she was feeding back. behind the scenes stuff you don't see anywhere else. >> kim: there is only so much o it's great to follow her feed. you are going to see chloe live on the program starting in our 5:00 hour. still to come in this half hour, a boy is hit by a semi. he survives this. he is going to make it. we also are going to talk about what happens to this little one
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>> dana: a stunning image of a boy covered in dust bringing attention oh a fight that many people don't even know about. find out what he's bringing attention to ahead. >> kim: as we send you to break, we have a live look out of our nation's capitol. in case you missed it yesterday morning, dana did a great interview with glenn beck talking about we have it on our facebook page. we encourage you to check it out. later today his interview had just had with
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in washington, has congressman joe heck been standing up for you? heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and heck's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. joe heck. part of the problem in washington.
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disturbing but this little boy did survive this. this happened in oak as a semi truck hits this little boy. he does he stands up almost immediately after he was knocked to the ground. the driver did stop immediately. >> not just about winners and losers. it's about compassionate competitors. one of the best moments we've seen at the olympics looks dire
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>> dana: flipping over meeting zac efron has been quite the talk recently.
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>> kelly: i want to start out with this. it starts out with all that haze. then it starts to lift as we get into the afternoon. we had a couple of popup showers in henderson and boulder city. you see these clouds here. that is actually smoke moving back in for the overnight hours. as the sun is coming up this morning we expect hazy
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saw yesterday but still dealing with that poor air quality during the morning hours. i think it will clear up in the afternoon but we have chances coming too. temperatures as you step out the door, it's warmer than the last
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>> dana: he looks like he's i shock. this is part of the civil war that is going on in syria. this is part of the battle which is raging on today. this picture taken yesterday. >> kim: the horrors of war on full display on your screen right now. we take to you new york city where the man who made headlines for scaling the side of trump tower so he could meet the donald in person is facing charges. he's been formally arraigned and did it at his hospital bedside
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endangerment, base jumping, criminal trespass and trespassing in general. he was scaling the tower using suction cups. he was on the side for three hours before they pulled him into a window and taken into custody. his next court appearance is scheduled for october. he said he did it because he wanted to meet donald trump in person. >> dana: this happened a couple f women's 5,000-meter. two of the runners get tangled up here including american runner. she helps up her new zealand comrade. both of them obviously injured here. the new zealand runner is crying. she goes forward but stops to help her. you can tell she's injured here.
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up finishing the race. >> so much more to the olympic games and being a part of it myself and it's special and incredible. sure we came here to perform but it's not totally what the olympicss >> feel like what you just shared, the olympics being about more than just the way we perform, it's the message. >> you train for years and years and years, in essence your entire life for this one moment and ends like that in a crash. but i think based on the way it finished, they didn't medal, but i think the way it finished, this is something they are never going to forget and a lot of
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the finish line. it's such a great spirit of the olympics. i have a feeling the ioc is sending them gift baskets because this is what competition is really about. we have a refugee team for this first time. look at the pain on her face. she's smiling, crying, laughing, that is the best shot ever. it brings tears to my eyes. thanks a lot. i just put the now it's running. they are going to be featuring those two on "the today show." here is what else you can expect. >> good morning, coming up on a thursday, new twist in that saga over the alleged robbery of u.s. swimmers. what lochte has to say in a conversation we had on the phone. >> also jennings and ross stop by after their big win in beach
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bronze medal. >> and the mostdom meant women's gymnastics team ever. what is next for the final five? we'll find out when they all join us live. we're going to get started in a little bit right here on today. >> kim: we were commenting we should get that conversation on this program so they don't have to wait. we're going to effort that. before we get to all of that, you saw it on this program yesterday heart throb hunk of a hollywood guy zac efron. >> just because she crushes the competition doesn't mean she can't have a crush. >> is it just because he's gorgeous? >> yes. >> simon biles fulfilled a lifetime dream, not the gold medals, we mean the kiss from zac efron.
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simon had famously tweeted about her crush. zac efron gives me breathing problems. >> i got you something to wear at the olympics. >> a leotard with na face all over it. simon has been kissing zach on a regular basis since christmas of 2014 when she received this life size cut out that she keeps in her bedroom. >> sometimes i used to kiss him >> you come in and gave him a little kiss. >> that's a little strange, right. >> yeah. >> instead of the cutout, simon get the real zach when nbc flew him down to rio hidden as he watched simon's performance and had him surprise the gymnastics team. and zach seemed honored to meet them. >> their story blew my mind.
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>> simon kissed him pronouncing herself on cloud nine, she may not have needed a lift but she got one. just call me mrs. efron already tweeted simon. no honey, we'll call him mr. biles. her gymnist boyfriend instagramed at zach i saw her first. simon won four gold medals and there was only o which would she rather kiss? both. >> kim: still to come this morning a mom uses tooth paste to teach her daughter a lesson as she heads back to school. what is this about and how is it
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>> dana: welcome in on this thursday august 18. it is 5:00 straight up. we see a little bit of haze out there obscuring the view of the moo is that smoke? we will get answers coming up in a little bit from kelly curran. >> kim: welcome in. we're the wagners, kim and dana here. this break news is the top story locally. just a dire situation. they are calling this a ferocious wildfire swallowing up


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